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Here at Jordan Warriors, we love to have tons of different options on what you can do! We provide various kinds of ninja warrior classes, birthday parties, open training, camps, private training, and more! Read the descriptions down below to find what works best for you!



Whether you're just starting out, or trying to train for your next competition, we've got something for you! We teach young children in our stage 1 classes, older children in our stage 2 classes, and adults in our stage 3 classes! We even have classes for 4-5 year olds in "Junior Warriors" and a family ninja class for everyone! With the different levels. there will always be a perfect class for you!

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Celebrate your next birthday party here! We go through the basics and help each other learn the art of ninja. We also may do fun games and challenges to see what we've learned! We end off this exhausting day with some pizza and cake! Click on the "Birthday Parties" tab to learn more!

           OPEN TRAINING


Wanna work on specific skills at your own pace? Open Training is perfect for you! You have the whole gym to decide what you would like to work on, and there will be coaches there to assist with any advice and guidance you may need!

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           SUMMER CAMP


Starting July 8- ??? 

Summer Camp is a fun opportunity for your kids to learn different disciplines each day, and tackle on new and exciting challenges! It's also great to meet new friends and support each other conquering obstacles the Jordan Warrior way!



Get in contact with your favorite coach to work specifically on whatever you need to work on! This is great for tackling your weaknesses head on, and getting specific training tailored towards you!

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